Saturday, 3 September 2011

Available To Pre Order Nails Inc Magnetic Special Effects Polish £13

Available in 3 dazzling colours Big Ben -Metallic Gold, Houses of Parliament - Metallic Purple, Trafalgar Squre - Metallic Silver/Chrome
Apply a base coat then apply one generous coat of the magnetic polish
Immediately hold the magnetic cap over the nail be careful not to touch the nail and wait 10 to 15 seconds
Repeat this step for all nails then apply a topcoat to ensure they last a while

Try out these new futuristic style nail colours with a unique formula that contains magnetic particles which gravitate towards the magnet in the lid to create eye catching patterns. Priced at £13 with every sale made £1 will be donated to the Prince's Trust so not only will you be getting jazzy nails you will be giving to charity! The polishes will be in stock from the 12th of September and are almost certain to be a sell out so get in quick!

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  1. wow this is such an awesome idea for nail polish!! I hope that I could ever get my hands on this stuff!! Thank you for following :)