Friday, 2 September 2011

Want Magic Nails Then Turn Up The Heat With Fxnailz Special FX Fickles £4.50

Tired of your old nail colours then try something a little different with Special FX Fickles from Fxnailz priced at only £4.50 each, these awesome nail polish products are heat sensitive and change colour according to the temperature in the room giving you unique and eye catching results!
Apply the nail polish as usual it takes up to roughly 15 minutes to dry and then watch the magic happen!
Glitter Purple to Pink
Contrast in colours when nails are warm
Above colour is nice and dark when first applied and when hands are cold
Above picture when hands are warm they turn a nice pink colour
Pink to Silver
Above again when hands are cold
And after when hands are warm
I love this product the polish is lovely and glassy to apply not too thick or thin, it has a high sheen with a lovely sparkle ideal for girly girls all over the world!
I rate this product 5 out of 5
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