Wednesday, 31 August 2011

No7 Limited Edition Double-Ended Pencil Mid Brown & Ivory £9

Hypo allergenic

Picture before just using the brown liner which I have smudged in for a more natural look so you can go more defined

When you spend £5 or more in Boots you will receive a £5 off voucher for Boots No7 products, I decided to try out the new double ended pencil in colours mid brown and ivory. I love this product as the pencil is soft and smooth making it easier to apply but I especially love the ivory end used for lining the inside of the eye giving your eyes a more wide awake brighter look.
The eyeliner lasted really well and did not irritate my eyes at all I could not fault this product so I give it 5 out of 5

New Competition To Win Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 200ml Closes 20th September

I will be giving you the chance to win this bottle of Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 200ml worth £14 one of cliniques best selling products!
If its not for you it would make a great christmas present
To enter is simple this month just become a follower of my blog and I will choose a winner on the 20th of september

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Marvelous Batiste Nude Dry Shampoo £3.56

Refreshes and revitalises hair 100% fragrance free natural powder

I am a huge fan of batiste hair products so I thought I would give Batiste Nude in powder form a try and was not disappointed with the results. The powder is very fine which made it easy to blend into my hair, you can use the small nozzle to apply directly to the roots or squeeze gently into your hand and apply. The spray cans don't last very long so this product will be far better value for money as you only need a small amount to do the job.
Batiste products are great for refreshing your hair between washes making dull lifeless hair come back to life, it is also a favourite for many hairdressers using it to give limp hair more body.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Psychedelic Marble Art Nail Tutorial

I have wanted to try out the marble nail effect for a while and have finally got round to doing it so I thought I would share what I did step by step.
You will need:
1. Various nail colours
2. A bowl of cold water
3. Cocktail sticks
4. Sellotape
5. Nail varnish remover
6. Cotton buds
7. Scissors

For the first stage apply a light nail colour so that the nail is completely covered and this way the colours will show up more

Then apply tape around the nails to minimize the mess

I used the above colours to create my look but next time I think I will use just two colours this will make it easier and quicker
Drop the colours in cold water working fast as they will dry and clot together, it took a few times to get this right so don't despair! use a cocktail stick to manipulate the varnish into different shapes then slowly dip one finger into the water keeping your finger static use the cocktail stick to move away the remaining varnish otherwise it will be stuck to your nail when you lift it out.

Only do one nail at a time as it is a very fiddly process and be careful that the other finger does not knock the one you have already done (like I did grr)

Finally after nails are completely dry carefully remove the tape with scissors, you will have loads of excess varnish around the nail I found it easier to remove this by dipping a cotton bud into nail varnish remover and carefully wiping around the edge of the nail.
I will not lie to you it was a laborious process but the more you practise the easier it will get and the results are endless, just have fun with it!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dazzling Smokey Eyes With Models Own Powder Eyeshadow Black & Green Sparkle £5

Sparkle is really apparent in the pot
Sparkle is not so apparent when applied
Achieving smokey eyes with Models Own Powder Eyeshadow was effortless I loved applying the soft high pigment shadow as it blended really well though it did drop off the brush onto my lower eye area and got quite messy. The product creates a nice smokey effect however the sparkle was almost non existent on the eye unless you are stood under a bright light which made it show up a bit more.
I would highly recommend this product if you just want a great smokey eye with a slight added sparkle to the finish!
I rate this product 3.5 out of 5

Romantic Dreamy Nails with Barry M Nail Paints £2.99

Pink Flamingo
Mint Green
Berry Ice Cream
Get dreamy romantic nails with these 3 lovely pastel shades priced at only £2.99 each, this nail polish is easy to apply as it is quite thick you only need two coats to achieve a nice finish that is glassy and vibrant. If you work a manual labour job like myself you want a nail varnish that will last and stand up to knocks and scrapes and this one fares well.
The downside is that as the product is quite thick it takes longer to dry but as they say the best things come to those who wait!
I rate this nail polish 4.5 out of 5

Friday, 26 August 2011

Want False Lashes Try Benefit They're Real Mascara £18.50

Very well packaged
Close up of wand with a ball of spikes on the end
Before and after pictures with just one coat of mascara
Get this season's false lash catwalk look with They're Real Mascara from Benefit £18.50!
The product comes in a sleek silver tube which is well packaged in a nice box with full instructions on how to apply the mascara to its full potential, the mascara is jet black and has a nice creamy texture that is silky smooth to apply with the wand which is made from a rubber material.
This mascara is the best I have ever tried with just the one application needed to achieve the above look, it lengthened my lashes and curled them without any effort at all, though I could not get the hang of the spiky ball on the end. In order to achieve a more false lash look a second coat would be needed however the lashes will start to clump up a bit creating more of a rough spidery lash look which I am not really a fan of.
The mascara lasted well throughout the day without any flaking and no transfer to my under eye area I would certainly recommend this mascara and rate it 5 out of 5

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Get Angelina Lips Without The Collagen With Too Faced Lip Injection £14.50

Too Faced Lip Injection Original Clear £14.50 from Boots
Before and after pictures
Before you go under the needle give Too Faced Lip Injection a try for 30% bigger lips!
I thought I would give it a go even though I cant stand the venom tingle sensation in my lips, I have to say they look plumper with more definition the added bonus was that my lips turned a really nice dark colour. The gloss is very glossy and I did not have to top up again for a while but I would say you would have to keep topping up at least every 30 minutes to achieve this look and as I cant bear the tingle I will give this one a miss!
I would rate this product 3 out of 5

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Want Natural Lashes Try CHANEL INIMITABLE Volume Length Curl Separation £22.50

Chanel Inimitable Volume Length Curl Separation £22.50 at Boots
Noir - Black
Close up of wand
Before and after pictures

My sister gave me this mascara and made my day! as Chanel is a little out of my price range when buying makeup unless I have worked plenty of overtime.
I thought as it was Chanel the quality would blow my mind however I was a little dissapointed, its not to say that it is not a good mascara as it did separate my lashes well giving them a more natural look and the black is very black, I just found the mascara to clump in places and the end of the wand just built up a with lot of gunk which made it hard work to apply.
Buy this mascara if you want the more natural look not the wow factor!
I would rate it 3 out of 5

Awesome Beach Nails With No7 Speed Dry Nail Polish Fuschia Daze £7

I found this nail varnish in Boots No7 Speed Dry Nail Polish Fuschia Daze £7 and thought that it would make an awesome beach holiday colour as it has a coral look that is warm and relaxing! (I am going to Los Angeles next month so on the lookout for great nail shades for my holiday!)
As the varnish dries really quick and only needs two coats to achieve this vibrant shimmery effect it maybe worth taking a look at the other 12 colours the range has to offer!
I would rate this product 5 out of 5

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nicki Minaj Style No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick Iced Pink £10 vs Barry M Lip Paint Baby Pink £4.49

N07 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Iced Pink £10

Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink £4.49

Inspired by the beautiful Nicki Minaj I tested two lipsticks that are of a similar colour to that of the best selling Mac lipstick Pink Friday - No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Iced Pink £10 & Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink £4.49.
The No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick was lovely to apply and very moisturising however the colour was not as strong as the Barry M but had a really nice shimmer and lasted well without drying out my lips!
I would rate this lipstick 4 out of 5

The Barry M lipstick did not fair so well as it was so dry it dragged when applied which also meant that it dried out my lips so they felt really uncomfortable, it was a shame as out of the two colours I preferred this one! so not to be defeated I applied a lip balm over the top and that helped.
I would rate this lipstick 2 out of 5

Monday, 22 August 2011

Free New Britney Spears Fragrance - Cosmic Radiance Perfume Sample

Try a sample from Britney Spears latest range of fragrances - Cosmic Radiance Created by Honorine Blanc and Harry Fremont, Cosmic Radiance features notes of mandarin, pear, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose and peony; based on musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla.
The perfume will be released in September and is sure to be a hit but if you cant wait until then here is a chance to get a sample now - UK only Click Me

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Urban Decay Shadow Box £27 Gold & Brown Glamazon Eye Makeup Tutorial

Before picture
1. Apply the Sin colour over the eyelid and Polyester Bride to the browbone
3. Apply Maui Wowie to the inner corner of the eye to middle of the lid, then add Smog to the outer corner of your eyes taking it to the middle crease of the eye remember to keep blending
4. Add Oil Slick to the outer corners of your eyes and blend into the socket
5. Curl eyelashes as the false eyelashes will be easier to apply if your lashes are curled
6. Apply eyeliner to the top of the eyelid I use Barry M liquid eyeliner in black, then pencil eyeliner to bottom eyelid
7. Apply false eyelashes using tweezers I used the Eylure false eyelashes free from Cosmopolitan magazine.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Wonder of Barry M Liquid Eyeliner Exquisite definer! £4.79

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Coffee Shimmer
Bejewel your eyes with Barry M eyeliners £4.79 available in 7 different colours from the standard range, 4 of which are shown above or you can jazz it up and go for the metallic range available in 6 sultry shades.
I find these eye liners easier to apply than any other brand that I have tried they also last forever without drying out I would rate these 5 out of 5!
My top tips for applying eye liner are -
1. Apply the eyeliner whilst standing as close to a mirror as you can
2. Dont be afraid of it try and sweep it in one fluid motion
3. When you do the flick rest your hand gently on your face and line the flick towards the bottom of your eyebrow or higher if you wish, its important not to have the flicks going downwards as it can make your eyes look droopy!
4. If you have wrinkly eyelids try and pull them taught when you apply the liner otherwise it will drag and look uneven
Remember I am not a makeup artist this is just words from experience!