Essential Makeup Tool Kit

Here is a selection of basic makeup tools that will help you to achieve a more professional look when applying your makeup.

1. Tweezers - Try to keep your brows neat by plucking up to 3 times a week.

2. Eyelash curlers - Curling your lashes will make them look longer - Tip curl your lashes 2 or 3 times starting as close to the lid as possible, then move up slightly each time. If you want to use heated curlers you can but overuse can cause your lashes to weaken and break.

3. Eyebrow brush - Wash an old mascara brush to save money!

4. Fine Cotton Buds - These are great for removing stubborn mascara smudges and nail varnish mistakes.

5. Pencil Sharpner - One with two openings for larger and smaller eye and lip pencils.

6. The most expensive tools you will need will be your brushes try to buy the best quality you can afford as these will last longer, wash brushes with shampoo as they will harbour germs and give you spots etc.
Basic brushes needed -
1. Large powder brush ideal for applying loose powder

2. Blusher brush
3. Foundation brush
4. Pointed eyeshadow brush to blend eyeshadow in creases and corners
5. Pointed tip to apply concealer with precision
6. Smudging brush for precise application and blending deep into the eye socket
7. Powder eyeshadow brush for application to the entire lid
8. Angled brush for fine application of eyeshadow under and above the eye
9. Lip brush it should feel firm and not scratchy