Saturday, 3 September 2011

Barry M Nail Effects - Foil Gold & Silver £3.99

Barry M are a favourite brand of mine creating great products at great prices and here is another addition Nail Effects - Foil in colours gold and silver priced at just £3.99 you will be falling over yourself to get these!
The Nail Effects creates a luxury foil finish that can rival that of a nail salon with just one coat that is quick drying. The product is available online to buy however you will have to wait a while longer if you wish to buy them in stores as they won't be available until the 28th September in Superdrug.


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  2. I love those colours and I do need a silver one!
    Could you send me a link where I could buy the silver one, and maybe the gold one?
    Nice blog by the way! New follower!


  3. Hi thanks guys you can buy them from here

  4. So glad these are coming out, my friend had some foil nail wraps and they looked great!
    Will definitely be popping into Superdrug and buying these come OCtober!

  5. Cannot WAIT to get my hands on some of these! I think they'd look stunnong over the top of the autumn shades I've picked out!

    Rebecca x -