Thursday, 11 August 2011

I highlighted my own hair!! with Jerome Russell Blonde Highlighting kit

Before picture with 4 inch roots
Pulling the strands is a nightmare and my hair is quite long but as it is fine it pulls through ok
This is after leaving the bleach on for 60 from when I first start applying
And here is the after look of which I am pleased with

I have highlighted my own hair at least 5 times using the Jerome Russell kit £6.12, I have bought my own rubber cap from Ebay but I used the cap from the box to show it works just as well!
I have been to many hairdressers and have had my hair messed up so many times that I highlight my own hair and as you can see it looks ok and I have saved myself over £100


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! When I saw the first photo, with how dark your hair is, I thought 'uh oh, this could be a disaster' but it's turned out fantastic. What a great money saver too.

  2. Looks great! I wish I had the confidence to do my own hair, it would save a fortune.

  3. You do such a great job - looks so natural :)

  4. I bought this today after i saw your post about it, and i've done my patch test but it burnt! only for like 30 seconds, its absolutely fine now (had it on for a few hours)

    has this ever happened to you? Is it safe for me to try? please could you comment back on my post about it? I'm so nervous about all my hair falling out!!

    Love your blog btw xx

  5. Hi Georgia I use a cap so the bleach will not touch my scalp as you dont want the bleach to bleed on the roots as it will look messy, I should imagine it would burn slightly as it is strong bleach. I only leave the bleach on for an hour and it goes quite light. Please don't do it if you don't feel confident I would hate for you to mess up your hair from something I have posted on my blog. If you do good luck!