Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Wonder of Barry M Liquid Eyeliner Exquisite definer! £4.79

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Coffee Shimmer
Bejewel your eyes with Barry M eyeliners £4.79 available in 7 different colours from the standard range, 4 of which are shown above or you can jazz it up and go for the metallic range available in 6 sultry shades.
I find these eye liners easier to apply than any other brand that I have tried they also last forever without drying out I would rate these 5 out of 5!
My top tips for applying eye liner are -
1. Apply the eyeliner whilst standing as close to a mirror as you can
2. Dont be afraid of it try and sweep it in one fluid motion
3. When you do the flick rest your hand gently on your face and line the flick towards the bottom of your eyebrow or higher if you wish, its important not to have the flicks going downwards as it can make your eyes look droopy!
4. If you have wrinkly eyelids try and pull them taught when you apply the liner otherwise it will drag and look uneven
Remember I am not a makeup artist this is just words from experience!


  1. I love these they look great:) do you no how much they are?

  2. You are so good a doing the winged eyeliner! These colours are lovely too :) x

  3. you've beautiful eyes and all the colors are awesome. :)

  4. the blue oneeeeeee, thx for folowing