Thursday, 25 August 2011

Get Angelina Lips Without The Collagen With Too Faced Lip Injection £14.50

Too Faced Lip Injection Original Clear £14.50 from Boots
Before and after pictures
Before you go under the needle give Too Faced Lip Injection a try for 30% bigger lips!
I thought I would give it a go even though I cant stand the venom tingle sensation in my lips, I have to say they look plumper with more definition the added bonus was that my lips turned a really nice dark colour. The gloss is very glossy and I did not have to top up again for a while but I would say you would have to keep topping up at least every 30 minutes to achieve this look and as I cant bear the tingle I will give this one a miss!
I would rate this product 3 out of 5


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  2. I like that colour, very pretty

  3. Super gorgeous! Thanks for following! I'll definitely have to check out that camera. I'm in need of a new one.

  4. i hade it, and it was not so good!!!