Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Todays look 03/08/11 skin looks bad but when you get to 35 it takes more work!!

I went for a more simple look today as I did not have much time and my skin is being naughty it must be the heat!
Makeup used today
1. Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation £12.99
2. Urban Decay Ammo Shadow box £25.00 I used the black colour for the outer corner of the eyes.
3. Barbara Daly matte perfection pressed powder in fair £5.75 from Tesco
4. Clinique long last glosswear in 10 Air Kiss - free sample
5. Maybelline eyeshadow 450 Midnight Blue £3.50 this colour was used over the whole eye lid
6. Benefit Benetint - free sample
7. Barry M Liquid Eyeline in black £4.79
8. Barbara Daly mascara in black £6.00
9. Playboy perfect pair in brunette bought from Ebay so price varies
10. Two makeup brushes used the small slanted for under eye and bigger brush for the lid

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