Sunday, 28 August 2011

Psychedelic Marble Art Nail Tutorial

I have wanted to try out the marble nail effect for a while and have finally got round to doing it so I thought I would share what I did step by step.
You will need:
1. Various nail colours
2. A bowl of cold water
3. Cocktail sticks
4. Sellotape
5. Nail varnish remover
6. Cotton buds
7. Scissors

For the first stage apply a light nail colour so that the nail is completely covered and this way the colours will show up more

Then apply tape around the nails to minimize the mess

I used the above colours to create my look but next time I think I will use just two colours this will make it easier and quicker
Drop the colours in cold water working fast as they will dry and clot together, it took a few times to get this right so don't despair! use a cocktail stick to manipulate the varnish into different shapes then slowly dip one finger into the water keeping your finger static use the cocktail stick to move away the remaining varnish otherwise it will be stuck to your nail when you lift it out.

Only do one nail at a time as it is a very fiddly process and be careful that the other finger does not knock the one you have already done (like I did grr)

Finally after nails are completely dry carefully remove the tape with scissors, you will have loads of excess varnish around the nail I found it easier to remove this by dipping a cotton bud into nail varnish remover and carefully wiping around the edge of the nail.
I will not lie to you it was a laborious process but the more you practise the easier it will get and the results are endless, just have fun with it!


  1. The end result was well worth it! I will give this a try with my daughter. Maybe a little project for her and I. thanks for sharing! Feel free to visit me. I became a follower. Have a fabulous day!

    xoxo lizbeth

  2. Thanks Lizbeth have fun!I am now following you :)

  3. this looks very fun! i should try it
    how long did it take for the nail polish to dry?

  4. Thanks My nails dried solid after about half an hour!